maanantai 23. heinäkuuta 2012

Long time no see!

Ooops. I see it's four months since last entry.... Oops. I've been extremely busy with my studies and now in summer with my work. But now I try to do my best again. I'm moving to Ireland in September and after that I have to live 9 months without my nailpolishes (or at least, without most of them...) so now I have to enjoy :D (By the way, I decided that I'll take 10 polishes with me, but I can't decide the colors, any suggestions? I really would like to take all my babies with me, but you know, only 23kilos and 9 months, I'll be screwed anyway...) But anyways, these nails I made in June. I really love pastel colors. So cute....
Thumb: Models own-Lemon Meringue
Indexfinger: China Glaze-Peachy Keen
Middlefinger: Hits Speciallità-216
Ringfinger: Inglot-947
Pinky:Rimmel-Misty Jade

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