sunnuntai 9. syyskuuta 2012

Starships are meant to fly

Hey! For this manicure I used Orly's Viridian Vinyl. Stampings from Bundle Monster plate no. BM21 with Konad's black special polish.


Hey! I don't know why, but I really like this manicure. I used Depend's no.196. Stampings are from Konad's plate no. M57 with Konad's white special polish.

lauantai 8. syyskuuta 2012


Big Universo's Acqua with stamping from Bundle Monster plate no. BM20 with Konad's blue Special polish.

Sinful Colors' Let's Meet with stamping from Konad M57.

Boo. In my last days in Finland, I used my old Konad's topcoat with stampings and I have to say, that Konad's own topcoat really sucks! Look at these nails! It's a mess! I don't know why it happens, but it doesn't look very nice, right?

perjantai 7. syyskuuta 2012


Yes. I'm in love. Usually I don't even like neon polishes, it's always kind of difficult to use them, because you need so many layers and blaah blaah blaah, but this time I really liked this manicure! I used Wild and Crazy's  Orange. For stamping I used Konad's white and black special polishes with plates no. S4 and m66. 

What do you think? Hot or not?

P.s. I'm in Ireland and love this place! Cork is so pretty! I'm sure I'll enjoy my stay here! If you want to read more about my stay in Ireland, check out my blog! (At the moment, it's only in Finnish, but maybe I can start to write in English too if you want :)

torstai 6. syyskuuta 2012


I haven't done fade nails for looong time, so I decided to try it a couple of days ago. I used nails polish that my Brazilian friend gave me, I'm not sure about the name and the brand, the bottle says: "Eliana Super Pérola, Fashion, Estilo, Cremoso" Does anyone know what is the name of the brand and what is the name of nailspolish? Thankss!

I also used Mavala's London and Astor's color no.17.

Water Decals

Make Up Store's Siw and water decals which I got from Viva La Nails.

Ugh, my cuticles are horrible! Uughg...

keskiviikko 5. syyskuuta 2012

tiistai 4. syyskuuta 2012


Ugh, tomorrow will be my last day in Finland for 9 months, so I'm a bit stressed right now, so I try to find something else to think about, so I guess this is good moment to post rest of the nails I've done in last weeks. Like I have already said, I can take only a couple of nail polishes with me to Ireland, so I'm no sure how often I'll update my blog in future, but we will see... Soo...

I made these nails a couple of weeks ago, but I wasn't sure if I want to publish them or not, but now I decided to publish them anyway. I used OPI's Suzi Says Feng Shui and I covered it with Gosh's Rainbow.