torstai 31. tammikuuta 2013

Water marbling, try 23756

I already thought that I was able to do it properly but no... Look what happened to my middle finger. No good. Otherwise I'm kind of happy with this. Well, it's not perfect yet, but at least this time there is no bubbles! Yeey, victory! I used Color Club's Shabby Drab and Rad Nomad. 

By the way. I have question. Suddenly, I have A LOT of visitors from States... How did you find your way here?

keskiviikko 30. tammikuuta 2013


Or well, not so newbies anymore. I just realized that I haven't posted here my latest purchases, so here we go. From TKMaxx I bought Color Clubs Back to Boho Fall 2011 Collection, which includes next polishes (from left to right): Topcoat, Earthy Angel, New Bohemian, Shabby Drab, Rad Nomad, Nomadic in Nude and Red-Ical Gypsy.



Besides TKMaxx, I've spent way too much time in Penneys (or well, rest of the Europe knows it as Primark...) Anyway, from Penneys I've bought my first magnetic polish which either doesn't work very well or I can't use it... Whatever. I also bought Essence's Nail Art Express Dry Drops. I'm usually using Orly's Flash Dry Drops and I prefer it, because Essence is too oily and sticky. 

As you can see, I have a glitter mania going on. I'm in love with glitter polishes. There something wrong with me because I still can't do proper glitter sandwich mani... Well, practice makes perfect... But yeah, from left to right: Mrs and Mr Glitter, Gold Fever and one from Claire's without name. 
Stay tuned, swetches are coming!

And then... Finally... Without taking a stance on the whole conversation about caviar manicures, caviar manicure set from Penneys. Ehh... Well... What can I say... I tried it once and after 5 minutes, half of my mani was gone...


tiistai 29. tammikuuta 2013

Comeback... again

I'm terribly sorry again! It's been a while since I posted here last time, but well... I'm back in Ireland again and most of my nail stuff are in Finland, so you see the problem? Anyway, these nails I actually made on Christmas holiday when I was back home... Very Christmassy I would say... 

For these nails I used:
OPI Natural Nail Base Coat
Models Own: Lemon Meringue
China Glaze:Peacy Keen
Konad M29 and Black Special Polish

maanantai 28. tammikuuta 2013


Sain muutama päivä sitten Misify'silta tunnustuksen kommenttiboksiin. Hurjasti kiitoksia tästä!

Tunnustuksen säännöt:

- Kiitä antajaa ja linkitä bloggaaja, joka antoi tunnustuksen sinulle
- Valitse 5 ihanaa blogia ( joilla on alle 200 lukijaa) ja kerro se heille jättämällä kommentti heidän blogiinsa
- Toivo, että ihmiset joille jätit tunnustuksen antavat sen eteenpäin

Itse annan tunnuksen seuraaville blogeille:
Pilvihattaraa blogin Emmille ja Ellulle
Turhamainen kynsiä myöten blogin Wheaterille
Masterpiece Pinkin Amoenalle

P.s. Myönnän että taas on vähän tullut taukoa postauksista, hups. Mut koitan palata linjoille jo heti huomenna!

tiistai 1. tammikuuta 2013


Hello and happy new year everyone! I hope you had blast last night, I definitely had!

A couple of days ago I tried for first time to do a splatter mani... It didn't go so well... First, I used way too much nail polish. Also the straw was way too far from the nails, so there was nail polish everywhere else except the nails... Anyway, I was happy with the thumb, ring finger and pinky in the right hand...
...and index finger, middle finger and ring finger in the left hand.
Nail polishes I used:
OPI: Natural Nail Base Coat
Wild and Crazy: Polar Bear
Models Own: Purple Passion
Wild and Crazy: Neon Melon
Wild and Crazy:Lemon
Wild and Crazy:Orange