keskiviikko 22. elokuuta 2012

Skittle agaaain

Heey! Second post during this week! Wow, I'm so proud of myself right now... So, Skittle... I used five different polishes and 10 different patterns for stamping. 
Left hand:
Thumb: Primark Glo Baby Glo! purple /Stampings: Konad m57
Index finger: Models Own: Lemon Meringue / Konad m57
Middle finger: Primark Glo Baby Glo! orange / Konad m65
Ring finger: Barry M's Mint Green (304) / Konad m65
Pinky: Risque:Penelope Charmosa /Bundle Monster BM19
Right hand:
All the polishes are the same
Thumb: Konad m57
Index Finger: Konad m60
Middle finger:Konad m60
Ring finger:Konad m60
Pinky: Bundle Monster BM16

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