keskiviikko 19. kesäkuuta 2013

ABC Challenge - A

So, I told you I'm in Finland again with all my nail polishes I missed so much during the last 9 months, but I have a really bad habit always to use the same colors. When I came home I counted my precious babies (aka nail polish bottles). I guess you are curious to know how many do I have? Yep. I have 267 bottles of nail polish. That is SICK, I know. After counting I organised my bottles in alphabetical order and I got an idea. There has been this challenge in several blogs lately: ABC challenge. The rules are simple. First you nail polish which starts with A, then one with B, one with C and so on. Since there are so many bottles without name or only with number, I'll use them after my challenge or I will use them as a second color in my ABC manicures like I did today! I will also try to use different kind of manners to decorate my nails; stamping, glitter, painting, water marbling, skittles, ombre... We will see.

So, let's start! First polish in my ABC challenge is Big Universo's Ácqua. Stampings with Depend's metalic purple, which isn't really good for stamping if you want really strong, metallic result, but for this manicure, it was perfect color! Image plate was Konad's m57.
 photo CAM00010_zpsc4732b43.jpg
Sorry about the picture, I took it with my phone, since my camera ran out of battery.

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