sunnuntai 16. kesäkuuta 2013


Ladies... My apologies... It's been 3 months again... But now I'm in Finland again (at least until next year) with all my nail polishes and stuff, so now I swear (again, I know...) that I'll post more often. I'll challenge myself (more about this in a couple of days) to make sure that I will post for sure.

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Anyway, back to business. I bought kind of a lot nail polishes on my last weeks in Ireland, just because they are cheaper there and because there's better assortment. One of the polishes I bought is 17's Monochrome. Seriously, this polish makes every manicure interesting. It's so easy way to make your nails look fabulous! Another polish I bought is Essence's L.O.L which is really weird green, but I do like it. I'm not a big fan of green nail polish, but I absolutely love this one!

Another thing, as you can see, my cuticles are horrible again. Can anyone recommend something very effective cuticle oil/cream which works well and preferably fast too? It would be awesome if it's possible to buy online since it's almost impossible to find good brands in Finland...  (tai jos joku osaa suositella jonkun suomalaisen merkin hyvää kynsinauhaöljyä niin sekin käy!)

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